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タイトル: G-3 Analysis and Synthesis of Ttriplate Branch-Line 3dB Coupler based on the Planar Circuit Theory
著者: Anada, Tetsuo
穴田, 哲夫
Hsu, Jui-Pang
許, 瑞邦
発行日: 9-Jun-1987
出版者: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
抄録: This paper is presented how to analyze and synthesize a triplate branch-line 3dB coupler based on the planar circuit theory, which takes into account the electromagnetic field disturbance at transmission line junctions and its mutual interaction. Moreover, the corresponding branch-line 3dB coupler analyzed and synthesized here is constructed practically and measured for l-12GHz. Since the synthesized results agree well with the measured results, the validity and the usefulness of this planar circuit theory is confirmed.
内容記述: 1987 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium digest : June 9-11, 1987, Ballysʼ Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
ISSN: 0149-645X
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