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タイトル: ピーマン果実の成熟に伴う色素変化と有色体の超微形態形成
その他のタイトル: Pigment Changes and Ultrastructural Morphogenesis of Chromoplasts during Fruit Ripening of Pimentos
著者: 吉田, 正幸
Yoshida, Masayuki
早津, 学
Hayatsu, Manabu
鈴木, 季直
Suzuki, Suechika
キーワード: fruit ripening of pimentos
chromoplast morphogenesis
pericarp plastid
発行日: 30-Jun-2008
出版者: 神奈川大学
抄録: The correlative change of pigments with chromoplast morphogenesis in the pericarp of yellow and red pimentos during fruit ripening was examined by pigment spectrophotometry and electronmicrosopy. The metamorphosis of plastids, chloroplasts to chromoplasts, occurred with the decrease of chlorophyll contents and the appearance of newly synthesized carotenoids, chloroxanthin in yellow pimentos and possibly capsanthin and/or capsorubin in red pimentos. As ripening proceeded, in plastids, plastoglobuli increased in both number and size, in contrast with the degradation of grana-stack and the fragmentation of stromal thylakoids. The plastids of yellow-ripe fruit pericarps contained exclusively plastoglobuli of various sizes at the center of stroma, indicating G (globular)-type chromoplasts, while the plastids of red-ripe fruit pericarps included a few enlarged plastoglobuli and electron-dense inclusions of various configurations, which possibly transformed from plastoglobuli to finally form needle-shaped carotenoid crystalloids. They were determined as an intermediate-type between G-type and F (filament)-type chromoplasts, and it was reconfirmed that, during chromoplast maturation, needle-shaped carotenoid crystalloids are formed by the elongation of enlarged plastoglobuli, concomitant with the increase of cartotenoid contents.
ISSN: 1880-0483


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