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タイトル: 中電流型イオン注入装置の導入
その他のタイトル: Establishment of Medium Current Ion Implanter at Kanagawa University
著者: 中田, 穣治
斎藤, 保直
川崎, 克則
服部, 俊幸
Nakata, Jyoji
Saito, Yasunao
Kawasaki, Katsunori
Hattori, Toshiyuki
キーワード: ion implantation
material modification
発行日: 25-May-2007
出版者: 神奈川大学
抄録: A medium-current-type ion implanter was introduced into Kanagawa University. This machine can be used for various purposes, for example, characteristic changes of various materials such as metals, semiconductors, or insulators. Doping various impurities to many kinds of semiconductors is one of the principal roles of semiconductor industries, to acquire controlled electrical conductivity. These features can be accomplished by irradiating various ion species at various energies for various doses. This implanter can implant ion species from hydrogen to atoms with a mass number around gold. The accelerated ion energy ranges from 5 keV to 200keV. The most peculiar feature of this machine is the structure of the target holder, that is, endstation construction. Targets can be kept during ion implantation at temperatures from -200℃ using a liquid nitrogen cooling system to 1000℃ by heaters. The specification of these features cannot be achieved by any other ion implanter in the world. We sincerely hope that this machine will be widely used in Kanagawa University.
ISSN: 1880-0483


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