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タイトル: 海外文献からみた情動知能研究の変遷と日本の青年期の情動知能育成への課題
その他のタイトル: The subject to emotional intelligence training of changes of emotional intelligence research, and adolescence of Japan seen from overseas literature
著者: 中島, 正世
Nakajima, Masayo
キーワード: Emotional intelligence
Literature research
発行日: 31-Mar-2015
出版者: 心理相談センター
抄録: In this paper, the author have revealed the transition about the concept of emotional intelligence from overseas literature, and have tried to clarify the subject to the definition of emotional intelligence, the difference from similar concepts, the measuring method of emotional intelligence, the related element of emotional intelligence, and emotional intelligence training for the man-power development to current adolescence. As a result, the base element which constitutes emotional intelligence was set to four, the cognition of the emotions of a capability model, emotions promotion of thinking, an understanding of emotions, and management of emotions. Moreover, the emotional intelligence can predict the special academic ability of personal assistance, leadership, and mental health. Next, it was suggested that the measure of emotional intelligence lacks in reliability, or objectivity and science nature. Moreover, in order for training of emotional intelligence to raise practicing approach united with the situation of adolescence each term, or the individual developmental stage, and emotional intelligence, the teacher and the surrounding adult raised emotional intelligence themselves, and subjects, such as improving the environment of the cognition of emotions, became clear.
ISSN: 2185-5536


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