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タイトル: Al3+およびGa3+イオンを開口部に導入したOpen-Dawson型ポリ酸塩の合成と構造解析
その他のタイトル: Syntheses and Characterization of Open-Dawson Polyoxometalates Containing Al3+ and Ga3+ Ions
著者: 松永, 諭
Matsunaga, Satoshi
井上, 雄介
Inoue, Yusuke
長田, 宏紀
Osada, Hironori
大滝, 卓也
Otaki, Takuya
三原, 航平
Mihara, Kohei
力石, 紀子
Chikaraishi Kasuga, Noriko
野宮, 健司
Nomiya, Kenji
キーワード: polyoxometalates
open-Dawson structural POM
発行日: 30-Jun-2016
出版者: 神奈川大学総合理学研究所
抄録: Open-Dawson polyoxometalates (POMs) containing tetra-aluminum(III) and tetra-gallium(III) clusters, i.e., K10[{Al4(μ-OH)6}{α,α-Si2W18O66}]•28.5H2O (potassium salt of Al4-open) and K10[{Ga4(μ-OH)6}(α,α-Si2W18O66)]•25H2O (potassium salt of Ga4-open), were synthesized by the reactions of [A-α-SiW9O34]10- with Al(NO3)3•9H2O or Ga(NO3)3•nH2O, and characterized by X-ray crystallography, FTIR, elemental analysis, and TG/DTA. X-ray crystallography revealed that the {M4(μ-OH)6}6+ (M = Al, Ga) clusters were accommodated in an open pocket of the open- Dawson polyanion, [α,α-Si2W18O66]16-, which was constituted by the fusion of two trilacunary Keggin POMs via two W-O-W bonds. These two open-Dawson POMs showed a clear difference in the bite angles depending on the size of ionic radii. The solution 29Si and 183W NMR spectra in D2O showed only one signal and five signals, respectively. These spectra were consistent with the molecular structures of Al4- and Ga4-open, suggesting that these polyoxoanions were obtained as single species and that they maintained their molecular structures in solution.
内容記述: 原著 2015 年度神奈川大学総合理学研究所共同研究助成論文
ISSN: 1880-0483


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