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タイトル: 16 中国福建省南部における水上居民の葬送儀礼とその変遷
その他のタイトル: 16 Studies on Funeral of Sea Nomads in the Southern Fujian Province, China, and its Change
著者: 藤川, 美代子
Fujikawa, Miyoko
発行日: 20-Mar-2012
出版者: 神奈川大学日本常民文化研究所 非文字資料研究センター
抄録: This paper discusses changes in the funeral rites of sea nomads living in the mouth of the Jiulong River in Southern Fujian Province over the last 70 years. The people have been living on the water for ages, but started to settle on land in the 1960s. Examining their funeral rites requires awareness of changes brought by funeral reform carried out from the 1940s to the 1980s, just as in the study of funerals in ordinary villages across China. During the period, the people came to choose cremation instead of traditional burial, and details about offerings to the deceased also changed. Yet interviews with such people and participant observation have revealed that features of funerals across the country during China’s late imperial period have been maintained despite the two seemingly significant changes. Even after the reform and some of the people’s moving from water to land under the Communist regime, the basic structure of their funerals remains unchanged due to impurity associated with death. The people believe that contact with the dead and attending funerals bring them into a state of impurity and lead to bad consequences. Thus, the people try to avoid such situations as much as possible. But the people have a positive attitude towards death and corpses. In contrast with farmers along the Jiulong River, they think that touching a corpse to clean the face or coffin is something the family and relatives of the dead should do without hesitation, as the last good deed one can do for them. Such active contact with corpses is the key to understanding differences in folk customs and traditions between land dwellers and sea nomads, an area that scholars of ethnic studies have not shed light on.
内容記述: 2010年度奨励研究成果論文
ISSN: 1883-9169
出現コレクション:年報 『非文字資料研究』 第8号


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