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Feb-2014 VR 構造を基盤とした使役文 横山, 昌子; Yokoyama, Masako
Feb-2016 VR 研究の問題点と意味分析 横山, 昌子; Yokoyama, Masako
1-Jun-2005 「VSET戦略」の思考法と策定法 関町, 肇; Sekimachi, Hajime
Nov-2005 Walking Pattern and Compensatory Body Motion of Biped Humanoid Robot Lim, Hun-ok
- Waterfall of Nunobiki -
8-Jun-2003 WE2D-4 Analysis of stripline T-junction with rectangular cut based on eigenmode expansion method and Foster-type equivalent network Takenaka, Tetsuya; Hiraoka, Takaharu; 平岡, 隆晴; Hsu, Jui-Pang; 許, 瑞邦
30-Sep-2012 Web に掲載した講義情報についての調査 五月女, 仁子; Soutome, Hiroko
25-Mar-2007 Webアプリケーションとしての出席システム 構築と運用 五月女, 仁子; Soutome, Hiroko
1-Mar-1990 WHAT CONSTITUTES "POLITE" ENGLISH? Hazelrigg, Meredith
31-Mar-2012 What do the Old Icelandic analogues tell us about the conservativeness or innovativeness of the Nibelungenlied ? Wada, Shinobu; 和田, 忍
31-Mar-2014 What has ended? : Masculinity and time in "The End of Something" and "The Three-Day Blow" Seki, Masahiko; 関, 真彦
1-Mar-1996 What is it to 'Hedge'? 井谷, 玲子; Itani, Reiko
31-Mar-2014 What Paris means to T.S. Eliot during 1910-1911 Saito, Junichi; 齋藤, 純一
10-Mar-2010 What varieties of English pronunciation are Japanese learners learning? 前田, マーガレット; Maeda, Margaret
Mar-2009 “What’s in a name?” -『ロミオとジュリエット』における性質詞の劇的効果- 竹村, 麻希; Takemura, Maki
25-Aug-2012 Whisky and Culture Stefan, Buchenberger; ステファン, ブッヘンベルゲル
10-Dec-1897 White Aster, a Japanese epic : together with other poems Florenz, Karl; フロレンツ, カ; Lloyd, A. M.A.; ローイド, ア
1881 The whole art of marbling as applied to paper, bookedges, etc. Containing a full description of the nature and properties of the materials used, the method of preparing them, and of executing every kind of marbling in use at the present time, with numerous illustrations and examples Woolnough, C. W.
1-Mar-2001 Why "Hai" and "Iie" Are Not "Yes" and "No" Hazelrigg, Meredith
1-Mar-1999 Why communication isn't a joke : relevance and content Blakemore, Diane
31-Mar-2011 Why does Beowulf try to fight without a warrior band? -with comparative reference to other Old English and Old Icelandic heroic literature Wada, Shinobu; 和田, 忍
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