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1-Jan-2005 Two Dimensional Electric Field Measurement in Microstrip-Line Circuits by Coaxial-Type Probe (PAPER Special Section on Recent Trends of Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Passive Circuit Components) Hiraoka, Takaharu; 平岡, 隆晴; Neishi, Yoshiaki; 根石, 佳明; Anada, Tetsuo; 穴田, 哲夫; Hsu, Jui-Pang; 許, 瑞邦
1-Oct-2009 Two Dysfunctions in High-Tech R&D Oyama, Kazunobu; 小山, 和伸
17-Nov-2008 Two-step allylic carbon insertion between ketone carbonyl and α carbons giving α-quaternary α-vinyl ketones He, Jing-Qian; Shibata, Daisuke; Ohno, Chihaya; 岡本, 専太郎; Okamoto, Sentaro
25-Mar-2018 Understanding the drivers of competitive potential of regions in Poland —the role of clusters Jankowiak, Anna H.
25-Mar-2017 Unemployment Benefits System in France : Regulation and Problems Bitinas, Audrius
Mar-1989 "UNESCO'S MAJOR PROGRAMME ON INFORMATION SYSTEMS & ACCESS TO KNOWLEDGE (Papers Presented at the International Conference on Information and Knowledge'87, on the Theme ""Dissemination"")" Torrijos, Delia E.
26-Jun-2006 Unexpected reactivity of annulated 3H-benzothiazol-2-ylideneamines as an acyl transfer catalyst Kobayashi, Megumi; 岡本, 専太郎; Okamoto, Sentaro
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7-Mar-2005 Use of CaH2 as a reductive hydride source: reduction of ketones and imines with CaH2/ZnX2 in the presence of a Lewis acid Aida, Toshio; Kuboki, Norikatsu; Kato, Kenji; Uchikawa, Wataru; Matsuno, Chikashi; 岡本, 専太郎; Okamoto, Sentaro
Feb-2016 The Use of Puppets and Fairy Tales in Angela Carter’s Feminist Fiction : The Magic Toyshop, “The Loves of Lady Purple,” and “The Bloody Chamber” Naoko, Choja; 長者, 菜央子
1997 Useful Intermediates, 3-C-Dichloromethyl Furanose Derivatives, for the Synthesis of Branched-Chain Functionalized Sugars 佐藤, 憲一; Sato, Ken-ichi; 鈴木, 克彦; Suzuki, Katsuhiko; 植田, みゆき; Ueda, Miyuki; 梶原, 康宏; Kajihara, Yasuhiro; 堀, 浩之; Hori, Hiroyuki
9-Mar-2001 Using surveys to develop critical thinking and build community Connie, Roguski
1-Mar-1997 Uso anomalo de "la" y "las" en algunas expresiones coloquiales e idiomaticas Nakamura, Yoshiko
1673 Usum testamentorum moralem, civilem, canonicum et feudalem / Sub Consultissimi Henrici Linckens ; Auctor Bernhardus Hartzleben Hartzleben, Bernhardus
Mar-1989 V. 金属とセラミックスの強度と靱性(第 1 回科学技術フォーラム「新金属・超電導」)(1987 年度科学技術フォーラム要旨)(I. 研究所報告) 木村, 宏
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