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May-1995 Systematic analysis method of E- and H-plane circular bend of rectangular waveguide based on the planar circuit equations and equivalent network representation 許, 瑞邦; Hsu, Jui-Pang; 穴田, 哲夫; Anada, Tetsuo
1494 Sūma de arithmetica geometria proportioni e proportionalita 1ST ED Pacioli, Luca, d. ca.
1-Sep-2001 S・ハイム対第一一回中央委員会総会 塚田, 眞幸; Tsukada, Masaki
31-Mar-2011 T. Millon理論およびC.Cloninger理論によるパーソナリティの適応と不適応のアセスメントについて : 境界性パーソナリティ障がいの事例にもとづく一考察 杉山, 崇; Sugiyama, Takashi; 五味, 美奈子; Gomi, Minako; 杉山, 崇子; Sugiyama, Takako
31-Mar-2015 T. S. Eliot and Paris Saito, Junichi
31-Mar-2018 T. S. Eliot and the Biological Saito, Junichi; 齋藤, 純一
31-Mar-2011 T. S. Eliot as a poet in exile Saito, Junichi; 齋藤, 純一
31-Mar-2013 T. S. Eliot's poems from the French context Saito, Junichi; 齋藤, 純一
Mar-2000 T. ハイパーブレインシミュレータによる学習機械の産学協同開発研究 藤原, 譲; Fujiwara, Yuzuru
10-Mar-2005 Taller Literario en la Clase de Idiomas(Workshop of Literature in Spanish Class) リベーラ, アルセニオ・サンス; Rivera, Arsenio Sanz
10-Mar-2011 Teacher Development through Personal Language Learning Prentice, Malcolm
Feb-2014 Teacher Development through Repair : A Conversation Analytic Study of Microteaching Bhatta, Baikuntha; バッタ, バイクンタ
30-Nov-2005 Teaching English as a Global Language Saito, Junichi
25-Dec-2009 Telling Secrets: Mumyōzōshi, Abutsu, and the Transmission of Literary Expertise by Women ラットクリフ, クリスチャン; Ratcliff, Christian
1896 The temple and shrines of Nikko, Japan ... / By Robert Charles Hope Hope, Robert Charles
10-Mar-2005 Tense, VP and Temporal Argument Chains : The Case of Perception Bare Infinitival Complement Constructions 佐藤, 裕美; Sato, Hiromi
1847 The comic history of England / by Gilbert Abbott A'Beckett ; with 10 coloured etchings, and 120 woodcuts by John Leech vol.1 John, Leech; Gilbert, Abbott
1670 The Voyage of Italy, or A Compleat Journey through Italy in Two Parts, with the Characters of the People, and the Description of the Chief Towns, Churches, Monasteries Tombs, Libraries, Pallaces, Villa's Gardens, Pictures, Statues, ... Richard, Lassels
1662 Theatrum Machinarum Novum, Exhibens Aquarias, Alatas, Jumentarias, Manuarias, Pedibus, ac Ponderibus Versatiles, Plures, et Diversas Molas, ... / per Georgium Andream Bocklerum ; ex Germaniâ in Latium recens translatum operâ, R.D. Henrici Schmitz Boeckler, Georg Andreas
10-Apr-1925 THREE REFLECTIONS James, T.H.
23-Oct-2006 Ti(II)-mediated domino cyclization of 2-functionalized 1-halo-2,n-enynes (n = 7, 8) to bicyclic compounds 岡本, 専太郎; Okamoto, Sentaro; Ito, Hidemoto; Tanaka, Shogo; Sato, Fumie
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